Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to the future. Faggots.

A man I work with came up to me today. He's a strong, faithful catholic and he's always got some story to tell me or some topic to discuss. I love it.

Today he started talking about different shows on TV that he used to, or currently does, follow. He said how some specific shows are just pointless and there's a lot of cursing going on (which is funny, because he totally curses).

I agreed with him but then he got into specifics, and I got lost. I told him, "I don't watch TV, like, ever."

He looked at me and kinda squinted his eyes, "What do you do?"

Man, that's a good question. What did people do before there were TVs and video games? They must have just stared at their living room walls, cause that's all I do.


Zach Gibson said...

READ A BOOK!!!! READ SEVERAL BOOKS!!!! And you shouldn't use the "faggot" word. Its really ugly

Brittany said...

I know! I have plenty of stuff to do. This guy was shocked at the thought that I didn't have time to watch TV.

...and I'll stop eventually. Like when my language turns to Spanish.

Stargazer said...

They read, mowed the lawn, washed clothes by hand, baked, crochetted, swept the house, dusted the furniture, went to the movies, had a picnic at the park, washed dishes, cooked, did some gardening, listened to the radio, went to the library, worked, went to school...endless :)

Stargazer said...

agree with zach gibson... foul language is just...foul

Brittany said...

hey starwoman, shut up.

I was being sarcastic.

And faggot is not a foul word. It's a bundle of sticks.