Wednesday, June 18, 2008


If we lack belief the council given is to act in faith and soon we will obtain a belief.
If we act in accordance with the commandments given, the blessings will come, and we will recieve a witness. We only receive a witness after the trial of our faith.
If we only have a desire to believe, let that desire work within us and we will believe.

So, submerging ourselves in something or acting in a certain way will bring about belief in that principle or action, right? If we have enough desire to believe in God and to believe that the LDS church is true, then we will believe it, right?

If we can will ourselves to believe in God, though, can we not also will ourselves to believe that molesting little children is not only acceptable, but good?

Young men were brought in and trained, or maybe brainwashed, into becoming Nazi soldiers. Young men are brought in and trained, or maybe brainwashed, into become missionaries for the LDS church. If we submerge ourselves in a culture or set of beliefs we soon live and believe according to that culture in which we were submerged. The doctrine in the LDS church even teaches this. If we surround ourselves with people who cuss, drink, and smoke and don’t have any direction in life, soon we will begin to cuss, maybe we’ll smoke, maybe we’ll drink, and we’ll lose the direction in our life. Maybe this is the tactic of the LDS church; we pull individuals in with our kindness, submerge them in our beliefs, and soon have them thinking exactly what we’re thinking. It’s all the same thing, right? Submerge them in “good” or submerge them in “evil” and pretty soon they will become just that. So what is truth, then? How do we know what is real? Some of the Nazi’s really believed what they were doing was right; Hitler really believed he was refining the human race. Some of the Mormons really believe what they’re doing is right; Joseph Smith really believed he was called of God.

Just something to think about.


Tyler said...

Have you ever heard of the Milgram experiment? if not you should check it out....

Brittany said...

That is insane. Sick, even. People are sick.