Monday, June 9, 2008


“One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi… ready or not, here I come!”
With no hint of hesitation she tore into the newly sealed floor heading towards the furnace closet.
Sally hadn’t played this game in years, but the furnace was always the first place she went, hiding or seeking.
As she grew closer to the closet her frantic run halted and she converted her movement to a graceful tip-toe. There was no need to alarm the hider.
Sally reached out her arm and gently let her fingers fall upon the doorknob. Once she had a firm hold she twisted and pulled in one fluid motion. The door flew open causing a gust of wind to throw back Sally’s hair. Her wide-eyed “I found you” look evolved into a squinty-eyed stare as her eyes focused in on the empty closet. Her body turned and her left eyebrow came up as her mind began to strategize.

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