Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Devotional

Today's devotional was wonderful. A female spoke and she did typical things female speakers do: had lots of visuals.

That, however, is not what I'm going to complain about.

The speaker today focused on 4 things we can do to aid in our growth. They were all the typical, yet crucial, things focused on in church meetings, i.e. have a positive attitude, focus on how you serve not where you serve, etc. One thing she spoke on really got me thinking. It's another typical concept we hear very often but I think it should be dealt with from a different angle.
This concept concerns the love God has for us. For ME. Over and over we hear these talks about how God loves YOU. He loves YOU and ME and He listens to YOUR prayers.
I think, however, we would have a greater understanding of His love if instead we weren't focusing on His love for US, but His love for THEM. Instead of realizing he loves and is aware of "me", maybe we should emphasis the love he has for the person sitting next to us. He wants them to be happy just as much as he wants you and me to be happy. That is what this life is all about, is it not? We must learn to love eachother. We must learn to love them just as He loves us.

As I was walking to the library after devotional that thought kept running through my mind. Every individual is loved by God, He wants them all to return to live with Him. If He seeks for their happiness, how much more am I obligated to do so? That, I believe, should be the focus of His love. Not just towards us, but towards the person in the next seat over.

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