Saturday, April 12, 2008

"She says Idaho is calling you home"

-The New Amsterdams

Wednesday. That is when I begin my trek back to Idaho.

Before Idaho I'll be going to Portland for Paul & Brenda's wedding.
Friends + Beach + Marriage = AWESOME.

Afterwards we'll be road tripping it back to little Rexburg, Idaho for the summer semester. This semester will probably be the best one yet. I've got alot of goals. It'll probably be my last summer before I head out on a mission for the LDS church.

I've been looking forward to this since I was 12.

This semester will be full of bike rides, flashmobs, bridge jumping, road trips, running, temples, learning, late nights & early mornings, NO caffiene, singing, dancing, etc., etc...

I still have a lot to do before I go. I'm super excited to leave, but I do wish time would decelerate a bit.

Wednesday. Thats when I go, but the adventures start now.

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