Monday, April 21, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons

Best FHE ever.

We walk in. Lance is sitting on the couch watching TV.

"You guys can have some chips if you want," he says, pointing to an open bag of tortilla chips and a tablespoon of salsa in a gallon sized bowl.

He turns off the TV. We sit down.

Red headed James walks in with his bluetooth earpiece perched comfortably on his right ear. He was wearing it at church on sunday too, except when he blessed the sacrament.

"Whats up, dude?" I say, trying to play it cool. "We brought some cookies."

I throw them on the livingroom table.

"What're we going to do tonight?" Janiece said.


I decided to take the reigns.

"Janiece, say the prayer."
She says it.

Aram walks in. He's Mexican. A big one. "Hey guys!" He says on his way to his room.
He walks back out with a recorder and proceeds to entertain us with latin songs. We requested "Green Sleaves". He played that, too.

Mike walks in. He looks young. He is young.
"Hey Mike," we say.
"Hey everyone," he says.

We sit around for a few more minutes listening to Aram's Latin serenade.

Natalie comes up with an idea. "Let's play two lies and one truth!"


We go around the group, each taking a turn telling two lies about ourselves and one truth. The rest of the group would then pick what they thought was the truth.

It's Aram's turn.
"I'm an illegal allien and jumped over the boarder and swam to get here. My car was stolen in high school along with my aunt's ashes which were in the trunk. I wet the bed 'till I was twelve."

His car was stolen with his aunt's ashes.

Lance went next.
"Both my parents are canadian. I broke my arm 3 times in grade school. One time, when I was twelve, my mom put the cat in the washing machine."

All of Lance's were lies.

Mike went after that.
"I have 13 gaming systems. I've been to Alaska twice. I've lived in six different apartments."

He'd only been to Alaska once and he has 12 gaming systems, not 13.

The other Mike came out at this point. "Sorry guys, I was asleep." He took a seat.

We continued playing the game untill everyone had a turn. We got to know eachother pretty well in that 20 minutes.

"Well, what should we do next week?" Natalie asked at the end of the game.

Everyone thought for a moment, then Lance came up with an idea. "I know," He said, "let's all wrap tin foil around papertowl tubes and go to the park. We can have a war; warlocks against the knights. We can sword fight in the park and someone can be the princess we can save. But there has to be rules. If you hit someone in the arm its 5 points and if you hit someone...."

I caught Natalie's eye. Her face turned scarlet red. I couldn't hold it in anymore. This guy was serious, dead serious.

Laughter erupted from Natalie's sweet mouth and I followed immediately with no shame.

He stopped talking and looked down at the table of cookies and salsa.

We kept laughing.

After a good 5 minutes of laughter and shame things finally started to settled down.

It got quiet, but Natalie and I still had huge grins on our faces. "Or..." I said, "we could do something else. No swords."

James took that as his que. He went back into his room returning seconds later with 2 huge swords. Real swords. Metal, sharp swords.

I spent the rest of the night stabbing a kleenex box.

58 minutes after we arrived I recieved a text message from Natalie who was on the other couch.

"Let's go," it said.

2 minutes later we left.

Next monday, 7, Porter Park. We'll all be in dresses waiting for our knights to save us from the evil warlocks.

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